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Stress Management

Our Philosophy

Stress management is an essential aspect of campus wellness for students of all genders, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, nationalities and abilities. Wellness Education Services can provide students with the information, skills, services and on-going support they need to be able to successfully manage their stress levels and optimize their overall college experience. Our goal is to improve the ability of college students to manage stress and utilize campus resources in support of their efforts.

Wellness Education Services is dedicated to:

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Wellness Suite

A welcoming and relaxing space for all students:

Stress Management Techniques

Stress = our mental, physical, emotional, and behavioral reactions to any perceived demands or threats. Any change, good or bad, requires adjustment and can cause stress. This handout offers healthy strategies for coping with stress.

Student Self-Care Manual

Self-care is important for everyone and especially important for students, who listed stress as the #1 factor impacting their academic performance (UB-NCHA survey, 2013). Stress can seem unmanageable, and sometimes in the throes of the semester we choose coping strategies that actually make our condition worse. This manual provides self-assessments, worksheets and simple strategies to help you make small changes that add up when it comes to your overall wellness. A hard copy of this manual can also be borrowed from our Resource Library.

Peaceful Places for UB Students Handout

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Peaceful Places for UB Students

Sometimes it helps to getaway to a destination that calms you. The Peaceful Places handout lists places UB students go to take a break, meditate, enjoy nature and reinvigorate when they are feeling stressed. Everyone has different environments that help them to relax. Find one that calls to you and try it out!

Counseling Services

For information on stress management visit Counseling Services. They provide free individual counseling, group therapy, couples counseling and crisis intervention to all registered UB students, including graduate and professional students.

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